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Keterangan:Product Description

Combines in one instrument a solid state LED battery state-of-charge indicator and an LCD hour meter.

Operating Range:
Hour meter-DC9V~ 80V
Battery Indicator- DC 24V
Battery state-of-charge: 10-bar, tri-color LED
Hour meter: 6-digit LCD, 5mm high
Hour meter: 99, 999.9 hours
Case specifications
Round, step type bezel, maximum 4 pins, 3/ 16 " terminals, stainless steel U-shape mounting
Bracket, with washers( 2) , springs( 2) and nuts( 2) , slip-on connectors( 4) , isolated sleeves( 4) .
Panel Cutout
52mm, 2-1/ 16 " diameter
Operating: -40 to 85
Storage: -50 to 90
Maximum 95% RH( Non condensing) at 38
Mechanical Shock: SAE J 1378, 55g
Mechanical Vibration: SAE J 1378, 20g
Pins_Maximum 4 pins, battery and hour meter power + & -; Hour meter control & reset pins
Battery State-of-charge Indicator:
Only when battery is properly charged, is right most LED ( # 10) lighted.
As battery' s state-of-charge decreases, successive LED lights up, one at a time.
The first yellow LED( # 3) is lighted, indicating " Energy reserve " ( 70% discharged) .
The yellow LED ( # 2) flashes, indicating " Energy prewarning " ( 80% discharged) .
The red and yellow LEDs ( # 1 ) flash by turns, indicating " Empty " ( 90% depth of discharge) .

LCD Hour Meter:
1. When connected to power for the first time, hour meter checks itself showing each digit for 1 second, and then shows 0.0 to be ready for work.
2. When control pin ( 4# ) is connected to high voltage ( DC9V~ 80V) , hour meter begins to count hours and time sign ( sandglass) flashes at 1Hz.
3. When control pin ( 4# ) is disconnected, hour meter stops counting hours, and shows memorized hours.
4. When reset pin ( 3# ) is connected to low voltage ( GND) , hour meter clears memorized hours to begin with new counting.
When hour meter is completely powered off, memorized hours are kept in EEPROM and will be shown next time when it' s powered on.

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